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Am Mi, den 13.10.2004 schrieb Jonathan Allen um 18:35:

> I had asked about the minimum DNS and/or network configuration and a
> couple of people had offered suggestions.  I have found the answer:

> Jonathan

1) Please do not start a new thread - new posting with new topic - if
you want to state that your former posted problem is solved. Please do
that by replying to your previous mail.

2) I really wonder why people seem to directly mail posters on this
list. This is at least the second statement where I recognize that this
list is bypassed and the poster is contacted by private mailing. This is
not how a list works. Please communicate the official problem on the
This comment is not directed to Jonathan but to those who seem to be too
shy or what else and who avoid posting to this public forum. Poor
behaviour, because it prevents the community to discuss topics with all


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