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Thanks, I narrowed the problem down to a missing folder on the slave server.
Core 2 seems a bit different compared to the older versions of Red Hat.


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> Dan Righter wrote:
> > This is probably basic, but can you clue me in on what the rndc key is
> > and how to check if it is working?
> rndc is a tool for runtime control of the nameserver. /etc/rndc.key is the
> file containing a security key to ensure that only the right people can
> it. The bind rpm post-install script should create this file for you, and
> main named.conf file should include it like this:
> include "/etc/rndc.key";
> It is, however, nothing to do with slave servers.
> The tool you need to diagnose this problem is "dig", which is part of the
> "bind-utils" package.
> On your slave server, run "dig @master-server-ip axfr"
> This should output a list of the zone If it doesn't, the
> is that the master is not configured to allow transfers to the slave.
> If you get a connection failure then you may have firewall problems.
> If the transfer works, the problem lies with the slave server
> That should narrow the problem down a bit.
> Paul.
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