Re: boot fedora core 2 from floppy

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On Tue, 2004-09-28 at 19:45, Christopher Taylor wrote:
> I am having problems dual booting my XP and fedora.  The HP computer has a
> hidden partition on the main drive which screws up any boot loader I've
> tried causing me to have to reformat the drive and re-install xp.  Is
> there a way to istall the bootloader on floppy or cd and boot from there?

Better method:

1. Install XP as normal.
2. Install FC2 and set up grub as the bootloader, installed in your root
or boot partition rather than the MBR.
3. Use bootpart ( to add an entry
to the XP boot loader menu to start grub from the appropriate partition.

I've never had a problem with this method.

Paul Howarth <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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