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Thanks a lot everybody including William for the advice. I'm currently
monitoring my system.

X takes a lot of resources. Open Office eats up CPU like hell...

Might be that xorg is not so good as compared to XFree86.

With kind regards,

Didier F.B Casse | PhD student | Singapore Synchrotron light Source (SSLS)
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On 26/09/04, at 23:09 -0600, William Anderson <william1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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> Hi all,
> My experience with the OpenOffice spell checker is that it freezes
> OpenOffice for several seconds the first time you check the spelling of
> a word. This problem is much better in recent versions, and it never
> froze the whole machine.
> When checking a Linux system freeze, first check the disk activity
> light. A system that is swapping big time can appear to freeze, but the
> disk will be cranking like there was no tomorrow.
> Next I always try accessing the frozen computer from another computer on
> the network. Frequently, it is only X or an X application that is stuck.
> If you can log in, try running top to see if anything is running using
> most of the CPU cycles. Netscape used to do this to me, and killing the
> runaway process would resolve the problem.
> If it is X that is frozen and I can log in to the computer remotely, I
> kill the X server process. After a few seconds, X comes back up to the
> login prompt. Of course, any unsaved work is lost as all applications
> running under that X session are killed along with the X server. You
> could kill all of the applications that you are running before killing
> the X server and hope that they save some kind of state that you can
> recover from. This is useful to avoid hard crashing the computer and
> risking corruption to the mounted file systems.
> Of course, if the computer does not respond over the network, Something
> bad has happened. Likely, there is a hardware conflict or maybe flaky
> memory. My experience is that Linux in general and Fedora Core 2 is rock
> solid and, on good hardware, can run for days, weeks, and months with no
> trouble. I feel that seems somewhat more likely to freeze then
> XFree86 was, but not enough to be a major problem.
> I hope that this helps
> William
> Jon Savage wrote:
> | I've seen that from time to time when running openoffice but have yet
> | to be able to reliably reproduce the problem. In my case it seems to
> | have to do with spell checking but can't be sure.
> |
> |
> | On Mon, 27 Sep 2004 09:33:39 +0800 (SGT), Didier Casse
> | <didierbe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> |
> |>I had FC1 previously and really had no problems with it. Now that I
> |>upgraded to FC2, it freezes occasionnally: Nothing responds including my
> |>mouse and Ctrl+Backspace or Ctrl+alt+del command. And I'm forced to press
> |>the reboot button like Windows!
> |>
> |>Did anybody have similar weird behaviours and where to start for the
> |>troubleshooting? Thanks.
> |>
> |>With kind regards,
> |>Didier.
> |>
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