Re: KDE Menu Editor (Strange Happenings)

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I have the same problem, however I get no error codes.  It just
silently resets my menu when I quit the editor.  *shrug*  I've used
the custom desktop menu to add apps to and that seems to work for me.

On Tue, 17 Aug 2004 18:12:51 -0400, Grant Limberg
<[email protected]> wrote:
> Gordon Keehn wrote:
> > Hi, Y'All
> >    I recently installed FC2 on an old IBM Aptiva that I had hanging
> > around.  When I did so, my KDE menu contained an entry for
> > gnome-system-monitor (System Monitor) under "System Tools".  I was very
> > happy, because while I generally prefer KDE to gnome, I did like the
> > gnome-system-monitor tool.  However, one unhappy day the menu entry for
> > System Monitor disappeared.  Now, I can still start the monitor
> > manually, but being a point-and-click kind of guy I wanted my beloved
> > menu entry back again.  I went into the KDE Menu Editor and added a new
> > entry to the System Tools submenu, entered the application path and
> > other such goodies, and saved the menu.  After exiting the menu editor
> > no changes were evident.  "Aha", says I, "I have to reinit the KDE
> > desktop."  So I logged off and back on.  No change.  I rebooted.  No
> > change.  I'd be happy to edit a menu template file manually, if that's
> > what it takes (and if I knew where to find it).  Does anyone know how to
> > change the KDE application menus and make it stick?
> >    Cheers,
> > Gordon Keehn
> >
> >
> I've been having a similar problem lately.  Simply stated, I cant add or
> delete anything from the KDE Menus... I think it started when I
> installed WineX/Cedega 4.0 & Point2Play, but I'm not sure if that is
> when it happened or not because it wasnt something I noticed right away.
>   I havent been able to add any menu items to the KDE Menu since then.
> If I run kmenuedit from the command line, I get the following error
> message when adding menu items:
> [[email protected] boincsrc]$ kmenuedit
> [[email protected] boincsrc]$ X Error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) 3
>    Major opcode:  20
>    Minor opcode:  0
>    Resource id:  0x300079e
> The Resource id is usually different every time the error is displayed,
> but Major opcode and Minor opcode are always 20 and 0, respectively.
> Any help on solving this problem would be much appreciated.  I've had to
> resort to adding links to the desktop rather than putting stuff in the
> menus.
> Grant
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