Re: PCMCIA Hangs

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1- please cc the list. the information may be of use to others.

2- try disabling pcmcia, see if the system boots. if not, then the
problem isn't pcmcia. (something like chkconfig pcmcia off, or use the
line-by-line "start this service, yes/no" interactive boot mode.)

3- so you've booted, and pcmcia seems to be the problem.  try starting
it manually with "service pcmcia start" and see if that replicates the
hang.  If so, then we need to figure out exactly which command inside
the script causes the hang.

any information from /var/log/messages and whatever comes out on
console is valuable.  the more specific, the better.

   - Kevin

On Sat, 14 Aug 2004 09:28:30 -0500, Jason Brower <encompass@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Um I run on the original kernal, I am creating a howto on getting this
> system, helium 2100 working with FC2.
> I um unsure about the details of the hang,  when the deamon starts at
> boot the PCMCIA crashes and give no error.  Just hangs forever.  I know
> that is runs on the yenta socket.

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