Re: fedora-list Digest, Vol 6, Issue 160 PCMCIA Hang

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Jason Brower wrote:
I inserted the line "install yenta-socket" to the modprobe.conf but she
still lock, I talked to mike of element computers, and he said the
system has conflicts with acpi and PCMCIA, I didabled it but got the
same error. But, maybe I type the the command wrong in modprob.conf. Is is install yenta.socket instead of yenta-socket, it was telling em is
was ignoring the line at boot

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I'm a latecomer, have no idea what you're up against but a quick check of my FC1 leads me to believe you're looking for an "_" instead of either a "." or a "-".

[[email protected] rj]$ locate yenta
<snip extraneous results>

(Yeah, I know I'm running an ancient kernel.)

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