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[email protected] wrote:

On Tue, Aug 10, 2004 at 01:57:02PM +0000, Peter wrote:


Just new to Fedora and Redhat.
I just install the minimal system without the graphical user interface.

I like to proaam/setup with text command's

What kind of commands are used in Fedora to configue the system and install pakages.

I know rpm, but is there a way to point and shoot in the textmode?


Linux with out a graphical interface might just as well be called
extended DOS.

Nothing stops you from using command line execution with the
graphical interface but you can do that in multiple windows and/or on
multiple machines at the same time with the graphical user interface.

I should have added IMHO to that.

Extended DOS? DOS does not even compare to Linux. I should slap myself because putting DOS and Linux in the same sentence should be crime. I started my computer career using DOS 5 and I dont remember it containing the wealth of tools that Linux has. Mind you, I still use X for certain things but slowly I am migrating to bash only Linux usage. Maybe one day in the future I can get rid of X, but today is not that day.


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