Re: Inappropriate content in Fedora Core 2

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OK.  I stand corrected.  I would have to agree that it is inappropriate
content.  (Insert comment on sad state of contemporary American society

Why these discussions always have to be driven by the priggishness of Americans...

Redhat must conform to the US laws and generally, I would say a large chunk of their revenue comes from America. Regardless if Fedora is a community driven project, what do you think Fedora is.. Just a project for the people only? No.. It's a project that Redhat can use to test new things (Like Xorg) and try out risky things and be a little more 'cutting edge'.. and then roll those changes into their commercial product.

I can see removing it from the default settings.  That would not bug me.
People can always turn it back on.  It would if it was removed to kowtow
to some truely disturbed people with possible legal clout.

Wait until they find out that their are naughty words in the kernel

comments dont get compiled.. nor seen by someone walking past your computer.. now, if a function was named inappropriately, and you for some reason are piping a strings output or gdb output to a 110" screen for your entire office to see.. that may be a problem.. but, that'd be stupid.

Then again, maybe we should just tell them to grow up or go Chenny

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