Re: FC2 and newest kernel update via yum.

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>>>>> On Wed, 04 Aug 2004 21:00:50 -0400, "SLH" == Scot L Harris <[email protected]> wrote:
  SLH> On Wed, 2004-08-04 at 20:40, George Avrunin wrote:
  >> I'm having what may be the same sort of problem, but it seems to
  >> be an interaction with a specific network configuration (and
  >> maybe a filtering bridge).  I'm hoping someone can give me some
  >> suggestions on how to pin it down.

  SLH> Have you looked at the MTU settings?  It is a long shot but it
  SLH> almost sounds like that might be the problem.
  SLH> I think you can use ping -M want -s 2000 or ping -M do -s 2000
  SLH> to get an idea of what the MTU should be set to.  Been awhile
  SLH> so I may not have the right options to get the info to verify
  SLH> this.
  SLH> -- Scot L. Harris <[email protected]>

Thanks for the suggestion.  ifconfig reports the MTU as 1500 with
both kernels, so as far as I can tell from the Fedora end, that's not
the problem.  Is there somewhere else I should check it?

The filtering bridge drops ICMP (some Windows worm was creating major
ping storms a year or so ago), so running ping from here doesn't do
anything.  But I'll check with the computing facility staff tomorrow
to make sure 1500 is ok.


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