RE: There's a robot farting in my ear.

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Very subtle. Good catch!

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On Sun, 25 Jul 2004, Art Ped wrote:

> And so I took it to a repair place, and they inspected the sound
> card. It turns out that they didn't kit the laptop out with a big
> enough fan or heatsink during the design stages and the soundcard's
> innards had burnt out and/or melted. I *think* IBMs tend to position
> their sound cards very near the processor and RAM part of the
> computer where the heat can build up big time.

That's interesting.  In this case it turned out to be a software
problem.  I installed 'apmiser' to try to save battery life.  This
program changes the CPU speed in response to load.  As it turns out
every time it changed the CPU speed the robot would let one rip!  As
soon as I killed 'apmiser' the problem went away.


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