Re: Burning the Rescue CD error

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On Sat, 2004-07-17 at 01:26, Jerry Schromm wrote:
> Hi everyone. Hey I was failing to burn the FC2 i386 Rescue disc with
> some error. Couldn't follow it or something. Should have wrote it down
> verbatim. Anyway it burned when I put Nero the burning software on
> Disc at Once instead of what it was on Track at Once.
> So is Disc at Once fine to create that rescue disc?? Let me know. I
> have yet to try it to see if it works. By the way I burned all the
> other ISO's to the Fedora core 2 with Track at Once. Tell me what you
> think.

For information, I burn my ISO CD exactly same I did for my rescue CD,
but it was with K3B under Linux. I think the default is TAO for burning
CD with K3B. Maybe a medium erro, try to burn at 4x only.

Maybe it helps.


Philippe, Chiangmai, Thailand

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