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> Hi,
> Sorry, in case if this posting has appeared twice. The reason is that i
> didn't received digest between 109 till 123.
> I seek recommendations from someone who has a TV Tuner Card on Fedora. I
> am running Fedora Core 2 on AMD 2.4 Gig machine. The experienced ones
> should guide me about what features should one look for while buying a
> TV Tuner Card. And by how much factor would the "Monitor", "AGP", "OS"
> affect it.
> The reason for concern is because I am already suffering from lack of
> driver support for SiS chipset based motherboard (A7S266-VM/U2). This
> ASUS motherboard has AGP4x support on board. However SiS is not
> providing with required drivers for the AGP part (GLMatrix screensaver
> runs dead slow on my pc). Third party drivers also lack the AGP support.
> I have tried drivers from
> also, but that didn't helped either.
> Regards,
> Peeyush

IME tvcards are very easy to use with Redhat/Fedora, since they have the 
driver for the Bt878 chipset built into the kernel. If you can try to get one 
on that chipset.

I have a Hauppauge WinTv from about 5 years ago, just plugged it in, installed 
the tv viewer and worked right away.

IMO the best viewer is tvtime becuase of the deinterlacing, the quality of the 
picture is superb, far better than the software that comes with any tvcard.

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