Re: Fedora Core 2 Update: ppp-2.4.2-3.FC2.1

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Pedro Fernandes Macedo wrote:

Unresolvable chain of dependencies:
xine-lib  1.0.0-0.lvn.0.29.rc5.2         requires

Probably because the developers are preparing to put theora in FC3... Soon will appear somewhere..

This sounds like a great plus for Fedora advancement. I installed theora-0.0-0.cvs20040322.1ark.i686.rpm to see if this would satisfy the dep. It did not, but gave me a chance to read up on what theora is.

Thanks for the clue regarding the installation refusal and probable cause for this error.

What program would be a good alternative to chkrootkit for system integrity checks?

At the place where I worked , we used both checkrootkit (which gave good results on distros without NPTL) and integrit. The bad thing about integrit is learning to see what you changed (through updates and changes in configurations) and what a invader changed.... This is really problematic when you do a massive upgrade (or when you upgrade a big package , like xorg , for instance) and you end with a integrit report with 2000+ files changed in the system...

Thanks for the tips. Digging through 2000+ reported changes does not sound like a picnic. I guess my paraniod approach regarding not doing on-line transactions is my safest bet. I'll check out integret to see how this program fares.


-- Pedro Macedo

Your best consolation is the hope that the things you failed to get weren't
really worth having.

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