Re: help: graphical login screen --> text login prompt

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[email protected] kirjoitti viestissään (lähetysaika sunnuntai, 4. 
heinäkuuta 2004 07:14):
> 1.)  from the graphical login screen how do i "kill" the
> graphical componet to get to an old-fashioned text-only login
> prompt?

Ctrl-Alt-F1, login as root, "telinit 3".

> 2.)  from the gnome desktop ctrl-del-backspace (or
> ctrl-alt-backspace, whatever forget right now) usually causes
> some sort of weird sleep mode or something.

Some motherboards use Ctrl-Alt-Backspace for entering sleep mode. 
See the BIOS setup and try to disable any power saving options.

> 2a.)  why doesn't 
> it work as expected and just bring me to an old style prompt,
> sans x-windows?

In runlevel 5 X should immediately restart and give you the 
graphical login screen.

	Markku Kolkka
	[email protected]

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