Re: Can't connect ftp server with passive mode on

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Alexander Dalloz wrote:

Am Do, den 01.07.2004 schrieb Barry Yu um 23:47:

My ftp server is vsftp and it is behide a router, remote clients need to turn off the passive mode then can work with it. What settings/config do I need to do in order to enable remote clients to download from it with passive mode on?

As you can see from the following explanations and schematic images

it is not that easy to configure passive FTP with a NATed FTP server. Do
you have at least loaded ip_conntrack_ftp and ip_nat_ftp?


No, I had not loaded neither of those, and since you said this is not easy, I think I have further dig into this ftp thing by taking more time, thanks for the info and your help as always - for me to understand ftp further.

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