Re: iiim problems in FC2

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> From: "ryuhei yokokawa" <ryuheixys@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> okay so if xim is removed that means that people like me who now
> uses special word libraries from xim input systems such as Wnn7 will
> no longer be able to use them?

For particularly for Wnn7, we actually have an IIIMF LE module for Wnn7.
Since there is a code partially developed by OMRON in addition to
the code we have a full controll, as of today, we could not opensource
the Wnn7 module. 

My prefered options are:
   1) Wnn7 users to send a request to allow us to opensource Wnn7 module.
   2) Wnn7 users to send a request to allow us release Wnn7 module binary
      for free of charge.

> by the way turbo i think uses iiimf using Atok X a commercial input
> system.

Yes, TurboLinux uses IIIMF since TurboLinux 7. "TurboLinux 10 desktop"
comes with ATOKX(commercial IIIMF LE)module and "TurboLinux 10 desktop 
basic" comes with IIIMF Canna module for Japanese LE.

Chair, Free Standards Group
Architect/Sr. Staff Engineer, Sun Microsystems, Inc, USA   eFAX: 509-693-8356

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