Re: iiim problems in FC2

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> From: "ryuhei yokokawa" <[email protected]>
> okay so if xim is removed that means that people like me who now
> uses special word libraries from xim input systems such as Wnn7 will
> no longer be able to use them?

For particularly for Wnn7, we actually have an IIIMF LE module for Wnn7.
Since there is a code partially developed by OMRON in addition to
the code we have a full controll, as of today, we could not opensource
the Wnn7 module. 

My prefered options are:
   1) Wnn7 users to send a request to allow us to opensource Wnn7 module.
   2) Wnn7 users to send a request to allow us release Wnn7 module binary
      for free of charge.

> by the way turbo i think uses iiimf using Atok X a commercial input
> system.

Yes, TurboLinux uses IIIMF since TurboLinux 7. "TurboLinux 10 desktop"
comes with ATOKX(commercial IIIMF LE)module and "TurboLinux 10 desktop 
basic" comes with IIIMF Canna module for Japanese LE.

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Chair, Free Standards Group
Architect/Sr. Staff Engineer, Sun Microsystems, Inc, USA   eFAX: 509-693-8356

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