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From: "- Edwin -" <[email protected]>
> Hi,
> On 2004/05/01, at 9:55, ed wrote:
> > Just had a strange problem.
> >
> > One of my systems (system 3) om my KVM suddenly hung with no mouse. I
> > rebooted and X would not start because it could not detect my mouse (MS
> > Intelimouse). I switched to another mouse (direct attach) and
> > everything
> > seemed to work fine. Whenever I attached my mouse to my KVM (Linkss
> > 4-port) it would hang.
> >
> > Since I had port 4 empty, I reassigned my system to port 4 and now
> > everything works fine.
> >
> > Is there any way I can fix port 3? Or is this just an anomally?
> This sounds more like a hardware problem to me. (In which case, your pc
> shop would be the place to go to and ask for help.) Or, am I missing
> something? :)

There was a discussion about this earlier this week, I believe that the
problem is that the Linksys KVMs are pass-through and some operating systems
need to have the Store and Forward type KVM.  I had this issue with my
notebook & Smoothwall (lLinux based standalone Firewall) and am trying to
find a particular D-Link KVM which is the Store and Forward type.


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