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Alexander Dalloz schrieb:

Am Do, den 29.04.2004 schrieb Götz Reinicke um 12:07:


I have an Dell PE 1650 Server with an internal perc 3/di SCSI RAID Controller hosting a RAID 1 and an Adaptec 29160 Controller hosting an external Hardware RAID-Box.

If I boot, and try to install Fedora, the external RAID is seen as sda, the internal RAID as sdb.

How can I change this order, so that the internal RAID is sda and the external RAID is sdb? Any ideas?


Götz Reinicke

Just change the SCSI ID of the RAID arrays/drives. The lowest is sda,
the second... Remembering your previous post about difficulties with an
external SCSI driver array of SATA drives I guess you can specify the
SCSI ID for the whole external box.

I do have different IDs, 0 for the internal RAID, 1 for the external RAID-Box. The later is attached to a different SCSI Controller.

But the external Box is seen as sda :-(

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