Re: Problems getting Linux into homes.

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Robin Laing wrote:

As a Linux user, I have had issues with different hardware and software in Linux.

Here is a pro-windows article based on problems of installing Linux and sound card issues.

Langa Letter: Linux's Achilles' Heel.

I will admit that I had no problems installing FC 1 on my new computer and it recognizing the sound card. I haven't been able to get ALSA working yet though. :(

As the issues with Video cards and hardware not being supported by manufacturers or allowing their "closed source" drivers from being distributed with Linux will be a stumbling block for Linux in the home.

Whether the author {Fred Langa} can be called an expert is probably not at question here, he is aparently a technical writer. He completely failed to mention what hardware was being used, that was brand new and yet supported by a 1995 version of windows 1995. As many people recall the version of Windows 95 that came out in late 1995 was terrible, and not likely the version of Windows 95 he claims to have tried.

He has a point though, and that is Linux has poor support from hardware vendors. It is a sad fact that most drivers for linux have been reverse engineered in order to get any functionality, because the vendors fear Microsoft may not provide them with the code required to optomize their drivers for current windows versions, and thus not be able to compete with other vendors.

Rather than get the 'back story' as he claimed he was doing, he merely tried different Linux distros and windows versions with a single peice of equipment. He then determined the soundcard would not work under any of the Linux distro versions he tested. He also discovered that the sound card did work with the Windows versions he tested. If he called hardware manufacturer to determine whether they supported anything other than windows, he likely would have found that their was a real 'back story'. Who knows, maybe he did check and after getting the truth he contacted Microsoft to get their story, and discovered that if he were to tell the truth about why Linux didn't support his 'new' sound card, he would not get published.

In any case Fred decided to write that Linux was not a capable desktop operating system because it lacks good driver support.

Fred didn't tell any lies that I could see. He failed to do what he set out to do and that was get the 'back story'. In order to have done what he claimed to be doing he would have had to discover the reason why the linux distros were not capable of acheiving what he was attempting to do with them. Had he gotten the 'back story' he would have discovered that the drivers were not available on linux not because linux was not up to the task, but because the vendors do not want to hurt their prospects with Windows users.

Just one time, I would like to see somebody get the real story and tell it without bias or fear of reprisal.

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