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On Tue, 2004-04-13 at 17:45, Anthony Thompson wrote:
> I have just made the change from Mandrake to Fedora Core 1 and Im having
> problems unmounting cdrom drive. 
> Everytime i attempt to umount /mnt/cdrom or eject I get the error "cdrom
> busy".
> I am well aware this normally occurs if you are still using the cdrom
> drive. I spent 30mins browsing the fedora list archives but was able to
> get any ideas/solutions..
> I just using the standard Fedora kernel with all updates..
> I never had this problem with Mandrake so I know the hardware..etc is
> working fine..
> Any ideas what is causing this problem??

 Make sure that any open folders or programs that are accessing
/mnt/cdrom or *did* access it are closed. If all else fails 
then open a terminal like gnome-terminal or xterm or konsole
and type
umount -f /dev/cdrom
that will force the CD-ROM to be unmounted. If it still gives you 
fits then 

umount -f /dev/cdrom

in the terminal. 
In Gnome look under preferences -> CD properties to set the preferences.
I turned off use auto-run and open a folder for mounted CD ROM and
that helped to reduce the problems. 

Best Regards,  Keith
NW Oregon Radio
Pax melior est quam iustissimum bellum.

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