Re: Time to set it up on FC1?

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On Mon, 2004-04-12 at 11:00, Gilbert Sebenste wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'd like to have one of my machines be a local timeserver, pinging off our 
> campus time server, and then within my network, I'd like my interoffices 
> machines to ping off the local machine that will be a timeserver. I used 
> redhat-config-services to start "time", and then it sucessfully restarted.
> The problem: when I type "rdate -p MACHINE", it shows the correct time and 
> date from "MACHINE". But, when I do "ntpdate", I get:
> "ntpdate [process-id]: the NTP socket is in use, exiting"
> and, of course, it doesn't sync up. And, it also means that my time server 
> isn't being recognized by the time sync program on Redhat, when you 
> right-click on the clock, choose "adjust date and time", and then
> choose the server. I manually added my interoffice machine, but 
> again, it just won't work. In /etc/hosts.allow, I allowed my local 
> machines an "ALL:ALL", but that didn't help. What am I doing 
> wrong?
> Thanks!
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Edit the /etc/ntp/ntpservers file to point to the campus ntp server.
Likewise modify all other systems to point to 'your' server.
make sure the ntpd service is running on your server <chkconfig ntpd on>.
I believe that's all that is needed. If not yell!
jludwig <wralphie@xxxxxxxxxxx>

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