Re: Is Linux always so frustating^

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El mié, 07-04-2004 a las 18:16, pinco escribió:

> In these days I tried a substitue to FrontPage, but I failed to install 
> Quanta! (I'm a newbie, but I don't have any problems with installing and 
> even coding on Windows. Besides I've read in a mailing list that it 
> crashes with Fedora Core 1). NVU is more o less a HTML editor. So I 
> didn't succeed to find a substiture!

If you are looking for a Dreamwaver or FrontPage I think there's no one
on Linux. The most closely thing is Quanta and is quite similar to the
Macromedia Homesite.

> Hardware should be compatible, so I have to buy new ones. (Yes, I wrote 
> to the firms asking for drivers, but in the meanwhile...)

but in the meanwhile just wait or look into the web for the hardawd
supported in Linux. It's not a good solution, but It's the fact.

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