Isos do not boot

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Iso do not boot.

03/30/2004-09:42:36 PM-EST

I have downloaded the set of iso marked FC2-test2-i386-disc*.iso.  The first
image of the set I have downloaded twice.  The md5sums check.  I have burned
the image to glass on 3 different machines.  I do not get a cdrom that is
bootable.  I have attempted to boot three different machines with the
disk(s).  The image is mountable on my primary machine, which is running
RedHat 7.3.

I downloaded a floppy image, and dd'ed it to diskette.  It boots, but the
resulting system cannot find the crdrom drive, nor is it willing to attempt
any of the other options displayed.

I am sollicting direction here.  I have exhausted my resources for the


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