RE: Core 1 SSHD - cygwin ssh: Connection reset by peer

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That is a good question.

Both machines are on my desk, connected to adjacent network connections,
so I don't think that there is a firewall between the two computers.

But just to be sure I asked our tech ops guy and both boxes actually
connect to the same switch.

-- Nathan Christiansen

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> Subject: Re: Core 1 SSHD - cygwin ssh: Connection reset by peer
> Nathan Christiansen wrote:
> >Despite the use of the KeepAlive directive if I leave one of my
> >connections open running a command like  tail -f /path/to/log/file  I
> >a "Read from remote host hostname: Connection reset by peer" error
> a
> >couple of hours.
> >
> >
> Is there a firewall between the two systems?  If so, your issue may be a
> timelimit on connections through that firewall.
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