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I'm not sure what /skel is - but /etc/skel is a directory containing
files that will be copied to the home directory of any users you add to
the system.

~ is a shortcut for home directory.

If you are root - cd ~ is same as cd /root
If you are user52 - cd ~ is same as cd /home/user52

On Sun, 2004-03-21 at 20:38 +0100, Pinco wrote:
> Hi
> other beginner's questions,
> Where can I get information about the file contained in the folder 
> /skel? How would like to understand how they work and how to modify 
> them... if the case.
> Finally - don't get angry - but what does "~" mean in strings like 
> "~/.gnome/apps/menu-files "? I tried to find the answer in my only book 
> on (Red Hat) Linux, but I didn't get it! Sorry.
> Thanks,
> Nino
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