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Am Sa, den 20.03.2004 schrieb Bill Bradford um 03:25:
> When I run apt I get a warning that "There are multiple versions of
> "libxslt" in your system."
> rpm -q libxslt reveals them to be:
> libxslt-1.0.33-2
> IIRC, I installed the at version to support mythtv and/or alsa.
> My first question is more phiI don't want to forlosophical:  why did rpm
> allowed this to happen, since I thought the main idea behind rpm was
> managing this kind of thing.

If you use for RPM installation parameter -i while there is already a
different version installed, rpm just does what you tell the tool: it
will install in parallel. Sometimes this is wanted, in most cases you
instead want "rpm -U". But the decision is made by _you_.

> The more practical question is what do I do about it?  I tried removing
> libxslt-1.0.33-2 but quickly descended into dependency hell with
> Failed dependencies:
> is needed by (installed)
> php-domxml-4.3.4-1.1
>         libxslt = 1.0.33 is needed by (installed) libxslt-devel-1.0.33-2
>         libxslt = 1.0.33 is needed by (installed)
> libxslt-python-1.0.33-2
> I don't want to force the removal and break some other package.  I don't
> want to remove the at version and break mythtv (or whatever I installed
> it for).  Is there an apt-like tool that removes packages while
> respecting their dependencies?  Any advice appreciated.

If you are sure libxslt-1.0.33 is not needed and replaceable by
libxslt-1.1.2 then you can use apt for uninstallation. See "apt-get
--help" for command remove. Like with installations it will check for
dependencies during remove too. Be cautious what will be uninstalled!
You can for safety first run "apt-get remove -s libxslt-1.0.33-2".

> Bill


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