Re: openssl issue

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At 09:11 3/18/2004, you wrote:

If you are using FC as an _important_ corporate machine under
heavy load [...] it's nice to use {RPM,APT,YUM} but if you are going
to stress test, tweak and/or are paranoid you can only trust:

./configure && make && su -c "make install"

You may choose to live that way... I do not.

The single biggest reason why I use Red Hat Linux, RHEL, and Fedora is that I trusted RH to provide me with timely and well-built packages such that I would never have to rebuild vanilla code again. I now trust RH to spend the time, money, and effort in creating a community-based system to make sure the same happens for Fedora.

If it were all "configure, make, make install" I would not be using Linux at all. I do finance and real estate... someone else builds operating systems and packages. No reason we should duplicate each other's work.

-- Rodolfo J. Paiz rpaiz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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