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Well if the "newaliases" doesn't work, did you actually edit a sendmail
alias in /etc/mail? If yes, did you run "make -C /etc/mail" to have
sendmail re-generate it's internal DB's?

The steps I would do, is:

1. Edit the appropriate file in /etc/mail.
2. Run: "make -C /etc/mail"
3. Run: "service sendmail restart"

It's possible none of what I'm saying will work, but it won't hurt

On Wed, 2004-03-17 at 14:39, [email protected] wrote:
> Ah, no I did not.  I just restarted sendmail, though the other aliases that
> we added, and do not have a local account, work fine.  I'll try newaliases
> this afternoon.  
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> Did you run the "newaliases" command to update the alias DB?
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