Re: Why no R in Fedora (was Statistical Package (like Minitab) for Linux)

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--- "Peter L. Hurd" <phurd@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Marc Schwartz <MSchwartz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said
> |
> |On Tue, 2004-03-02 at 14:11, Globe Trotter wrote:
> |> On another note, I wonder why this is not included in Fedora. SuSE
> |includes it,
> |> perhaps because they are European.
> |
> |
> |...Part of the issue is
> |the large number of "add-on" packages for R, that are not only on CRAN,
> |but on BioConductor and other R related repositories. Trying to
> |standardize the various components across multiple locations and for
> |multiple versions of RH/FC is a substantial undertaking at this point.
> The fedora rpm provided at the CRAN site contains very few add-on
> packages, and is still very use-able.  Even just the base & ctest
> packages would provide a large amount of functionality.
> Users can easily install.packages() on top of this more stuff from CRAN.
> I always seem to end up installing a few packages eg. lineno, or
> numline) to RH/Fedora TeTeX installations...  I can't see why any heavy
> thought has to go into what more or less ought to go into an R package
> than is already in the CRAN packages.

I agree. And I was suggesting that only the base R be included. Most people
would not need the additional stuff, anyway. Those of us that do know exactly
what to do to get it. Nowadays as you write, there is even the
install.packages() unlike previously when we had to do command-line


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