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Not sure what was wrong with the FC SMP setup, but compiling the i2c and lm_sensors
source packages over it got it working no problem.

By the way - what is an SMP kernel?


On Mon, 01 Mar 2004 16:30:13 +1000, Daniel Stonier <snorri_dj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Has anyone had much of a go with lm_sensors and Fedora? I've read the documentation at the lm_sensors page and noticed FC1
appeared to have everything installed ready to go. However running "sensors-detect" failed to detect anything, but it did fail to load module i2c-i801, reporting amongst other things "init_module: No such device", which might be the problem. Still learning my way around using modules - where might I go to tackle this from here?

Daniel Stonier

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