Re: Fedora mp3 - internet radio - installing software

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MB wrote:
mp3's doen't play. So I ran yum from the command line
which took a long time dloading all packages. I also
ran 'yum install xmms-mp3' since I installed the xmms
mp3 player. After logout and login in KDE xmms loads

I grabbed it from gurulabs and had no problems. It does sound like an output plugin issue if the song is over in 2 secs.

Music PLayer:
Internet radio does not work - there are no internet
radio stations. Do I have to get that list myself?

Never tried, but my guess is yes, you have to grab a list yourself.

Install software:
Installing software via terminal: sometimes the
installer does its work (Wine, Acrobat) but afterwards
I don't see the application anywhere or cannot get it
to run (Acrobat). Windows diplsays shortcuts / items

Have you tried running Acrobat from a terminal window? Checking log files? I seem to recall an issue with UTF-8 and whatever version of Acrobat I was playing with.

Good Luck!


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