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Also, if you want a full featured try-it before you buy-iy linux with most of the bells and whistles, head off to the P2P sharing services and grab Lindows 4.5 Cd. They released it free on the big P2P networks last week and it can give you a very workable CD booted distro to test and NVU was developed on this OS so a few items are a trifle better there, if you want a graphcal web design tool that is.


On Feb 18, 2004, at 11:24 AM, Mitch Wiedemann wrote:

One of my favorite things about Linux/Open Source/Free software is that it's FREE!

Everyone who loves Open Source/Free software uses it for their own reasons. They're all good.

Come on in! The water's free (uh, fine)!

Brittany wrote:

I must admit but I am somewhat a tightwad, yes i admit it damnit!

Mitch Wiedemann
mc² Computer Consulting

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