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Hey Brian

normally I sit back and just see whats going on but your mail jumped up
and bit me!

I take note you cover your back by offering apologies and get out of
jail "I'm sorry if this offends" cards.

1: If you know how to help this guy then help him.

2: Why do you have to have more experience to try/use Linux is it a
close shop?

The only way to get even with, or surpass Windows is to get more people
using Linux and not just a select few who jealously guard their
knowledge so that they are members of a select club!

I give you the case for the prosecution: Item 1
The problems you are encountering are simple and typical , so if you
not solve them in Windows, you would be lost in Linux.

That was helpful wasn't it? just a little tip Brian this LUG is were you
go for help.

> I am sorry to say this, but by the sounds of this message I would strongly
Why not suggest a CD linux distro at least he could have a look without
going all the way. 
> recommend you DO NOT install any OS other than Windows. I dont think you are
> ready. Your reasons for wanting to switch just arent justified. Windows XP
> surely does support 80GB+ drives, and I seriously doubt Windows is trying to
> corrupt your BIOS!!??
Item 2
> You really need to get more experience with computers before you leave
> Windows. I am sorry if this offends you, and I seriously do not mean to hurt
> your feelings. You would not be happy with Linux.
Oh no you can't our gang, but don't get upset I did say sorry!

I'm still frothing at the mouth too much to continue.

Peter Cannon
[email protected]

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> Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2004 5:42 AM
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> Subject: Re: Recommedations
> Heres the reasons why i hate Windows so much.
> 1. It cost too much for an easy hacking tool, which anybody could hack into.
> It is not stable, ACK! The blue screen of death, well i dont get that but i
> do get a Internet explorer error which causes my desktop to close and to
> restart again and closing all of my open files, most important my downloads.
> I had gotten a 160GB hard drive for x mas and finially had the time to
> install it and I had already reformated my hard drive and notice that
> windows XP doesnt support big hard drives over 80GB. I hope that Linux
> supports it so i can use of what my money went into the hard drive that i
> got. Another reason why i hate windows is that i suspect it did something
> with my BIOS. The reasoning for my reformation is that out of no where my
> mouse moves the other way and if i click on certain mouse button the arrows
> goes up. It sometimes shuts off my programs that i am using without my
> permission.
> Brittany
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> Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2004 6:22 AM
> Subject: Re: Recommedations
> > Andy Green wrote:
> >
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> > >
> > >On Wednesday 18 February 2004 11:08, Brittany wrote:
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >>I am currently running on windows XP pro and it's getting to the point
> of I
> > >>blaming Windows (Microsoft) for all of the problems that i have been
> > >>having. I would like to try another OS but It cant be too advanced.
> > >>
> > >>
> > >
> > >What problems have you been having? Because although Fedora is probably
> > >'better' than XP, it is not magic pixie dust.  If your problems have
> another
> > >cause than the OS, changing the OS will not improve matters.
> > >
> > >- -Andy
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > I agree..
> >
> > Also your move to Linux must be becasue you WANT to move to Linux rather
> > than because you are having issues with Windows.. There is most
> > definately a learning curve that you will have to go through when you
> > start using Linux because it works in a very different way.. If you are
> > now willing to go through the potentially frustrating exercise then
> > rather stay with Windows..
> >
> > On a personal note, I switched my desktop to Linux over a year ago (I
> > had been using it on servers for a while before that) and have never
> > looked back.. I started with a dual boot system but after the first
> > month I never went back to the Windows install again so it was just a
> > waste of hard drive space.. It has since been dumped when I upgraded to
> > Fedora a short while ago from RedHat 9..
> >
> > Later..
> >
> >
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Peter Cannon

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