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At 09:14 2/18/2004, you wrote:
> I had gotten a 160GB hard drive for x mas and finially had the time to
> install it and I had already reformated my hard drive and notice that
> windows XP doesnt support big hard drives over 80GB. I hope that Linux
> supports it so i can use of what my money went into the hard drive that i
> got.

XP will handle a maximum of 137GB in its first release, but more after applying Service Pack 1 (SP1). In any event, in order to handle separation of operating system and data better, you could create a 30GB partition into which you install XP, then upgrade, update, and patch it as much as possible. Then, when XP supports your bigger drive, set up a second partition for the rest of the space and use it for data.

Or just use Fedora Core 1 Linux.

> Another reason why i hate windows is that i suspect it did something
> with my BIOS. The reasoning for my reformation is that out of no where my
> mouse moves the other way and if i click on certain mouse button the arrows
> goes up.

A friend of mine had a similar problem with video, and we eventually traced it to some setting in the Control Panel. However, I don't know enough to help you there.

Since you already have two drives, I would suggest that you put both inside the machine. Put XP on the smaller drive for now, and AFTERWARDS install Fedora Core 1 onto the larger drive, setting it up to dual-boot (meaning it will allow you to boot into Windows or Linux, so you have both operating systems on the machine at the same time and can change to the other by simply rebooting).

In this way you will be able to continue working with XP while you learn about Linux. Fedora Core will not be significantly harder to work with than Windows, contrary to what someone said recently. However, it IS very different and you will have quite a bit of learning to do since all you have used before is Windows. So it is best not to make a change that is too drastic too quickly. Take your time, install Fedora as a second OS on your box, and start learning.

And welcome to the community!

-- Rodolfo J. Paiz rpaiz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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