Re: How to get KDE 3.2 for FC1 that recognizes ALSA?

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On Wednesday 18 Feb 2004 00:35, James Jones wrote:
> there a Fedora Core repository that has the KDE 3.2 that knows
> from ALSA?

Not that I know of ... but it's not that big a deal to rebuild the necessary 
RPMS from the SRPMS (also available from, or wherever you 
got the RPMS from). Enabling ALSA is just a matter of changing a "0" to a "1" 
in a couple of .spec files, as I recall.

I'm not currently on the machine where I did the above, but my recollection is 
that it's just aRts and kdelibs that you need to rebuild to get ALSA working. 
I also rebuilt kdemultimedia, but IIRC that was just to enable mpeglib.


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