Re: nfs-mounting fails

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Mike Frisch wrote:

On Wed, Feb 11, 2004 at 04:12:41PM +0100, Sturla Holm Hansen wrote:

My /etc/exports file are only two lines:


And as you can see, they are exactly the same, the permissions on the
two directories are the same too.....

Just export /downloads. You can mount /downloads and access the "rh9" subdir or just mount "/downloads/rh9". Having both of these entries is most likely the cause of your problem and is just nonsensical in the first place.

It is only non-sensical if both /downloads and /downloads/rh9 are on the same partition.

If they aren't, then you have to add either the nohide option to /downloads [read the exports man page, this has issues], or you would have to export them individually.

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