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> I know that the number and popularity of viruses for Linux is extremely
> lower than Windoze; however, I am on a university network that has
> viruses floating around like an AIDS convention so I would like to have
> some sort of anti-virus program running in the background.  The ones I
> find are either a) commercial apps b) exclusively for e-mail c) open
> source ones that don't look very complete.  What do you guys use for
> non-email based virus scanners?
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i use antivir from http://www.antivir. its free for personal use, as i
don't like using my brain just to prevent viruses. It is free for personal
use and has license-cost for commercial use. Definitions-Files usually
come out once per day, so i got it before the first doom reached my
mailserver, as you can use it also with amavis vor mailservers. Update is
done automatically and free of charge (for private use)

Antivir is intented to run in a cron job. With the use of dazuko you can do online scans of your system, but this
slows your systems not bad...


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