Re: ntpd Fails at Boot

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Markku Kolkka wrote:
Matthew Saltzman kirjoitti viestissään (lähetysaika Lauantai 03. Tammikuuta 2004 06:01):

On Fri, 2 Jan 2004, Don wrote:

I don't know where it's logged, but make sure udp port 123
is open so you get the reply from the ntp server.

The Fedora init script for ntpd takes care of this. You'll see it when you stop or start the ntpd service. Has since RH8, IIRC.

This is redundant in Fedora because it uses stateful filtering in the firewall.

Actually, it's not at all redundant for the common NTP setup where there are 2-3 time servers and then all other systems are configured as broadcast or multicast clients.

Check that the servers listed in your /etc/ntp/step-tickers file match whatever servers you configured in /etc/ntp.conf. If your time is 'too far off' ntpd will fail to synchronize (which is why one usually first runs an 'ntpdate' to the servers listed in step-tickers).

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