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The link you provided has a link on it also and it points to RHEL.
They are referring the RHEL WS.
There are 3 different RHEL packages and each has up to 2 different prices
per package.
Fedora was possibly partly created because they would be supporting as many
or more products than Microsoft.
Which Microsoft keeps planning to drop support for more products all the
time also.
I support UNIX/ Linux/ Windows/DOS systems at my location.

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> On Wednesday 22 October 2003 01:17 pm, Jeff Lasman wrote:
> > You make some great points, Bill.  But as a small business man I can't
> > take the time update or to back out updates daily.  Or even weekly, or
> > monthly, or quarterly, or annually.  I need a server platform I can
> > leave (with only security updates) for at least four years.
> Please see if Redhat Professional Workstation fits your need. The price is
> well below RHEL, but it seems to have all the thing you need for
> I'd still like to find out how long is the life cycle and support for it
> though.
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