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This morning's lead article in CNET entitled "Red Hat overhauls
flagship Linux" had references to Fedora which I found to be be
disappointing.  They quoted from users in an email list that I believe
may have been confused about Fedora.  Perhaps some folks on this list
can clarify a couple of points.

First, there were concerns noted that Fedora will be a fast-changing
distro, not conducive to a stable working environment.  Granted,
wholesale upgrades from one release to another might break things and
could consume resources to accomplish the task.  However, I am unclear
as to whether the commenter's were concerned about ongoing upgrades
within a release or were concerned about the need to upgrade all servers
and desktops perhaps three times a year.

What should a user's expectation be with respect to planned upgrades and

Second, one comment described Fedora as "possibly full of breakage."   I
think the poster may be theorizing about potential future upgrades.  I
certainly hope that the comment was not made on the basis of the
stability of test releases!

Third, (unrelated to the news article) concerns access to patches and
updates.  Is it expected that mirror sites will be able to provide good
repositories for apt or yum once FC1 is officially released?  Or will we
continue to point Fedora's up2date to the repository?

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