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On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 10:40, Edward Croft wrote:
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> > > You also have the choice of finding a third party to provide you support.
> > > I've seen on these lists a couple of places that are offering to support
> > > Valhalla after Red Hat EOLs it.
> > 
> > 
> > Yes this is back to my post about how competitive linux, re cost.
> > 
> >  Dave.
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> > 
> And I saw an announcement from Suse that they are releasing Suse 9 soon,
> and it will have the 2.6 kernel besides the 2.4 kernel for those who
> want to check it out. Plus support for the AMD 64.
> Frankly, I started with Red Hat with 6.2 and liked it. I also liked KDE,
> um, let's not start a war here, just my preference. I was eagerly
> anticipating the new version of Red Hat and the new version of KDE only
> to find they dumped both KDE and Gnome for BlueCurve. Ticked me off, by




THEME/default app settings.

Quoth the Raven "Nothing more".

Maybe it's me, but I'd think an RHCE would know that. ;)

> I adapted. Now they are dumping the desktop and going to the server.

Maybe you missed the Enterprise Desktop announcement that was ALL over
the press like a year ago was it

> Fine, I have all my RH servers here, but on the desktop, I may be
> looking back to Suse. I had tried it on a spare PC once and it worked
> well. Looks like I have to pull out my old PCs again and load Mandrake
> and Suse so that I can evaluate them. 
> Frankly, I feel that Red Hat is becoming the Linux version of MS in
> dictating to you. I remember when going to Linux meant choice, so I will
> exercise my right of choice and find another distro. I will still

I CHOSE the easier option: I switched my theme. GO ahead, feel free to
choose to remain at the mercy of a commercial entity for your desktop.
Me, I'll move on to Fedora and enjoy a current system, regardless of the
time of year. One that is updated on my schedule, and includes the
updates I want. And I'll use the rpm-based distro that lets me volunteer
to maintain packages, set up my own repository and add my own things to
the channels if I so choose: Fedora. That's what choice is all about.
Fedora will give us more choice than we had with RH boxed set and
accompanying system, not lessen it.

You may *feel* that RH is somehow forcing things on you and dictating to
you by opening up the consumer level distribution to the rest of us, but
until you can back it up, it's nothing more than an unsubstantiated
feeling. Hope you enjoy the proprietary installer/sysadmin tool that
SuSE dictates.


Bill Anderson
RHCE #807302597505773
[email protected]

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