Re: Fedora and the System Administrator -- there are a lot of variables here ...

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> >
> > You also have the choice of finding a third party to provide you support.
> > I've seen on these lists a couple of places that are offering to support
> > Valhalla after Red Hat EOLs it.
> Yes this is back to my post about how competitive linux, re cost.
>  Dave.
And I saw an announcement from Suse that they are releasing Suse 9 soon,
and it will have the 2.6 kernel besides the 2.4 kernel for those who
want to check it out. Plus support for the AMD 64.

Frankly, I started with Red Hat with 6.2 and liked it. I also liked KDE,
um, let's not start a war here, just my preference. I was eagerly
anticipating the new version of Red Hat and the new version of KDE only
to find they dumped both KDE and Gnome for BlueCurve. Ticked me off, by
I adapted. Now they are dumping the desktop and going to the server.
Fine, I have all my RH servers here, but on the desktop, I may be
looking back to Suse. I had tried it on a spare PC once and it worked
well. Looks like I have to pull out my old PCs again and load Mandrake
and Suse so that I can evaluate them. 
Frankly, I feel that Red Hat is becoming the Linux version of MS in
dictating to you. I remember when going to Linux meant choice, so I will
exercise my right of choice and find another distro. I will still
support Red Hat on the server side, but more and more I am leaning
elsewhere for the desktop.
Ed Croft, RHCE

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