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On 28.11.2003 15:53, T. Ribbrock wrote:
I'm curious: Where do you get the version number "0.81.0" from?

as I said, it's not the latest CVS, it's before-xft2 and it reports itself as 0.81.0.

# /usr/src/redhat/SOURCES/WindowMaker-0.81.0 ###  more NEWS

NEWS for veteran Window Maker users

--- 0.81.0

Antialiased font support

With the addition of support for antialiased fonts in the WINGs library, now
Window Maker can also support antialiased fonts. However enabling them may
prove not to be a trivial task to do. This is because enabling antialiased
fonts doesn't depend solely on Window Maker and its configuration files. It
also depends on the X server, the X server extension modules and their
specific configuration files.

For a description of all the steps required to get antialiased fonts on
screen please check the README.antialiasing file which describes all the
things you need to do on a step by step basis. In addition it has extra
useful hints and idea to make your antialiased fonts look nice in different

After you have done all the steps described there, you can enable antialiased
fonts either by adding AntialiasedText = Yes; in ~/GNUstep/Defaults/WindowMaker
or by launching WPrefs and checking the "Smooth font edges" in the Expert User
Preferences panel.

As a general note you should always use a True Type font for your fonts if
antialiasing is enabled, or alias a normal font to a True Type in the Xft
configuration (read the details in README.antialiasing). Else you may get
unepleasant results in the look of your screen :P

Global Submenus ---------------

Global menus allow for system wide menus that are added to every users
application menus. They are located in /usr/etc/WindowMaker/,
/usr/local/etc/WindowMaker or whatever is your sysconf directory
for WindowMaker. There are 2 files:

GlobalMenu.pre, which is added to the beginning of the menu and, which is added to the end of the menu.

These are to be proplist format menus, for example:

(("Foobar", EXEC, foobar),
 ("Blabla", EXEC, blabla))

or, in case you want a submenu:

        ("Foobar", EXEC, foobar),
        ("Blabla", EXEC, blabla)))

--- 0.80.0

Shading/Unshading windows using mouse wheel on their titlebar



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