Re: Fedora reliability - torrent-enabled up2date, apt, yum?

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Em Qua, 2003-11-26 às 13:43, Chris A Czerwinski escreveu:

> Now that's an answer that I appreciate, it has an explanation with meat.

(This reminds me a Johnny Bravo carton: "she's perfect - beatiful, smart
and smells like meat)

> Would you know when the next release might be? I do hope it will be
> before April 2004 just when Red Hat finishes with RH9? Isn't timing
> great. That's when I will/should make my move/upgrade after the kinks
> have been ironed out with FC1 and possibly the starting of FC2, as there
> may be an enormous demand for downloads. Hope there will be no funny
> stuff that you need to FC1 or its' dependencies to upgrade to FC2.

The fedora page says that we're only waiting for kernel-2.6 to be
released, but...

Well, Fedora is as stable as redhat8&9 was, but installation is not. At
least for me. Will all these bugs be fixed until FC2? If it's a
community project, how can we help? Is there a cvs where we send

Another thing: it's a community project, right? It seems that this
community is ourselves, collaborating to each other. One thing the
repository maintainers (as everyone else, but they will do more) would
LOVE to see is a bittorrent-enabled version of updated packages.

Why, can someone ask. Well, from time to time, someone discovers a XFree
security hole, or a mozilla bug, or whatever. This occurs in non-regular
time, there are weeks that nothing really big occurs, but there are
times when you will do a upgrade, and there's 80 megabytes of updates.
This days the repository servers get full bandwidth use, which is not
cheap, and other days, as network capacity is prepared to this
overloads, it does nothing.

Torrent-enabling the repositories will make cheaper for them to maintain
this big updates, as they are downloaded in a small time window. There
was discussed here in the list of people which checks for updates twice
an hour :-)

In fact, that's is the ideal case for torrent use. Big files, very
popular, downloaded by many people more or less at the same time.

This would benefit downloaders, also. As everyone's getting the updates,
they'll come at full speed (okay, this occurs today most of time, but
there is a cost, and it's not only yours).

What do you think about it? Is there any interest of it, from fedora


Alexandre Ganso 
500 FOUR vermelha - Diretor Steel Goose Moto Group

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