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Elton Woo ha scritto:

I'm using Moxilla 1.4.1, and I have both RealOnePlayer and gxine /xine installed.

Swissjazz gives me sound with the realaudio player, but I get the same result with nostalgie. It appears that they are using wmf (Windows
Media Format) ... which, AFAIK, has no equivalent open source codecs
available for linux. I'd simply drop that station, if I were you.

I *highly recommend* this site for finding audio and video content
The mantainer of this site is very quick to respond to reports of
outdated, missing, or incorrect links.


Elton ;-)

Tnx for info.

I checked some radio with MS Media player. Many work for example NRJ Berlin...

Some says that mms is not a registered protocol and it don't work, some play also with mms protocol.

I am little bit confused, multimedia is a big issue if Linux (any distribution) would kill MS on the desktop.




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