Re: Problem compiling programs after upgrade from RedHat 9.0

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On Thu, 2003-11-27 at 12:06, Andre Costa wrote:
> yes, I had done 'make dep' and 'make bzImage' before 'make modules',
> sorry for not making that clear on my original msg. Both steps completed
> flawlessly.
> Fore a more complete description of the probl, please go here
> []

Hm, perhaps you have stale stuff left over from when you tried to
customise the config file.  Try a `make mrproper`, (or delete and
re-install the kernel source rpm), and then start again from the redhat
config file.

This has helped me in the past, hope it helps you!
Iain Buchanan <[email protected]>

"We are on the verge: Today our program proved Fermat's next-to-last theorem."
		-- Epigrams in Programming, ACM SIGPLAN Sept. 1982

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