mounting iee1394 on boot

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Ok, standard kernel (kernel-2.4.22-1.2115.nptl) and a works-just fine
1394 setup.  (Kudzu finds and configures the controller in the ADS
external drive enclosure, I can mount and use the drive, everything is
fine from a functionality standpoint.)

However, on boot, the drive isn't detected until I manually run the script in /etc/hotplug/ieee1394.  I'm somewhat
nervous, given the various dire warnings in the rescan script, about
putting it in rc.local or something similar, and in any case that isn't
soon enough; if the drive gets an automounting fstab entry, it would
need to be detected quite early.

Is there a good way to handle this?  The drive stays attached (it's
where the nightly backups go) effectively all the time.

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