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I'm not able to view movies using mplayer's plugin in Mozilla. I am however, able to view them off-line using mplayer. Here's what I've done:

dowloaded the source mplayerplug-in-1.0pre2.tar.gz
logged in as root
tar -xzvf mplayerplug-in-1.0pre2.tar.gz
cd mplayerplug-in
cp /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/
restarted mozilla

I did verify that is in the plugins directory:

[clint@localhost plugins]$ ls

Mozilla shows that it has the mplayer plugin when I open the About Plugins in Mozilla:

mplayerplug-in v1.0pre2 handles QuickTime Windows Media Player Plugin

File name:
Video Player Plug-in for QuickTime and Windows Media Player streams using mplayer

MIME Type 	Description 	Suffixes 	Enabled
video/quicktime 	Quicktime 	mov 	Yes
video/x-quicktime 	Quicktime 	mov 	Yes
video/quicktime 	Quicktime 	mp4 	Yes
[...many more lines deleted...]

but when I visit to try to view any of the Quicktime trailers, a white box opens and a text message says:

Playing blah blah)

and the video doesn't ever start.

This is on a FC1 machine upgraded from RH9.

If anyone has any ideas for what to try or sites that describe how to solve the problem, it would be appreciated.

Clint <Clint@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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