Re: Ethernet Channel Bonding

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Hi ,John

I'm maxed out for my ram. I have 2 gigs. My server functions and apps for the thin clients uses about 1.3 or 1.2 gigs full out, So, I've got just enough ram for my present system with little or no room to grow. Our school district amalgamated with one that was in major debt, so my old equipment must work with little extra expenditure.

I didn't know about nfs tuning and will check into it.

I'll see what ntop says, too.



Well, let's sit back and think.
Gigabit Ethernet these days is pretty cheap.
How about pricing a 10/100 Ethernet switch with one Gigabit port for
your main network switch, then put a gigabit card in your server?
Many server motherboards these days come with gigabit NICs built in -
but of course you might not have that luxury.

I would seriously price this up before channel bonding.

Also, you say you are using NFS. Have you looked at the network traffic
in detail, using tools like Ethereal and ntop? Are you SURE the 100Mbps
link is the bottleneck?
NFS, especially with that number of clients, is probably your major
Have you tried some NFS tuning, using utilities like nfsstat?
I've done work in the past with performance on big NFS servers - you
might find that the problem is made better by increasing RAM so you
get much bigger buffer spaces.
How much RAM is in your server, may I ask?

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